Hilux surf mods

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Skip to content. Board index In the garage Toyota. I know I have some maintenance to do to it before I take it out, as it's had a very easy life before me.

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My father has owned it for the last 11 years and its never been off road, and done virtually no towing garden waste to the local tip monthly, in a 6x4 trailer. Because of that I plan to do a little preventative maintenance and then beef up some things.

Do I need anything else? After that I think I'd like to start on some engine mods to prevent the engine pretending to be a grenade.

I am fairly certain that the vast majority of clubs are using PRS radios. My only addition to your list is seat time. The more seat time you have the more you will know what you need to change on your truck. You might find that in a fairly standard state it does everything you want it to. Certainly good off road capable tyres are a must as are all the safety gear you mention. In fact clubs consider that mandatory. The things I have listed seem to be the most common things I see done to trucks, so I assume they are the things that make life easier?

I have spent a wee bit of time reading and looking into things as I don't like attacking a project without a plan or at least a vision of what I want the result to look like. I used to do a little bit of drag racing and then circuit racing when I wasand I learnt quickly, that without a plan I ended up spending a lot of money on shit I dint need.

Incase you didn't know tow balls are a no no for recovery but some people swap the ball for a rated d shackle, depending on the club this may be acceptable. I assume the Rock sliders would mean I would have to remove the side steps? The sky is definitely the limit when it comes offroading shaun. Another tip would be to get reliable gauges including water, EGT and if you want to get into tuning, a boost gauge.

Have a look on this site. Costs add up but along with a new radiator you now have a guaranteed cooling system. Along with the egt gauge consider an after market temp gauge. Stock gauges are shit.

Also manual hubs for the front to replace the auto hubs or drive flanges that it has. Extend all the breathers and make sure they go high in the engine bay or well into the air box. If it was me I would be looking at 15x8 inch rims.

Oh and a cert! Softroader VW Amarok nowadays Read all of this thinking 15x8 was the only thing to mention, only to find the last two people agree. The down side is most tyre company's specify 8.

Toyota 4Runner

So cert might be tricky on 8's. Failed hill climb, front gets its bounce on, full droop, skinny pedal etc.

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Bolted on or welded on which is legal, and what rating?Remember Me? Site Navigation. I dare you to say you didn't enjoy THIS. Have a great weekend everybody! Update 3: Links above are broken because it looks like the website moved. I noticed a few weeks ago that these links weren't working anymore. It looks like they have moved and 4RunningGuy found where. Last edited by Luxury; at PM.

Find More Posts by Biff. Attached Images. I think that one looks good:awais:. Last edited by Woodbert; at PM. Find More Posts by Woodbert. Nobody seems too stoked on the link, so I'll start copying the pictures here for easier viewing.

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I'll start with the first Hilux tonight:. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. Follow Us! All times are GMT The time now is AM.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Nice detailed "how to post". It has been pretty well documented that the head design on this engine sucks.


But yes, anything you can do to keep the heat down will make it less likely that you'll have vapor pockets forming. The other fix I have heard of is using Evan's Waterless Coolant. It requires a completely dry cooling system before adding. I do know that Crushers prepped his vehicles very well before they were allowed out the door. They still came back with blown heads. A friend has just fit a aftermarket head from the UK into one on his van.

The design is supposed to take care of the overheating and the blown head issue. Joined Jan 14, Messages I have also been using Redlines WaterWetter since I changed the head.GuysI have Hilux surf with a 1KZ engine and 4wd transmission.

There is no smooth gear down. Most problems with auto boxes are a lack of maintenance, I would check the fluid level and see what it looks like. It should be up to the level mark and a nice red colour, it is not worth looking for other problems until you eliminate the Oil so best changing it to start off with.

Recently change the fluids, drain out the converter also. Then I fear you are out of DIY territory and need to seek advice from a specialist auto transmission expert. Try posting up on the Hilux Pickup OC site, you might come across a cause on there.

I have checked the trans fluid, it's bright red and at the correct level. As per post number 4. If the Oil is good and up to the level, then as a DIY you do not have many options, you need to run some pressure tests. Take it to a specialist auto transmission company for further investigation. What trans fluid do these models take? Right, after making some calls this is what I have learnt. These wagons' auto trans change gear most effectively when the engine is warm The next little gem was that maybe the temp sensor from the auto trans was loose or disconnected, tried to look but I don't know which of the 4 plugs is the one.

Off to the mechanic Friday, will let you know what the problem was, how it was fixed and what it cost. I have been doing some home work prior to my visit with my mechanic. Iv done stall test on it put it in to drive and applied the gas while holding my foot on the brake and it will skid the back wheels with no problems at all so if anyone has any ideas I'd like to here them cheers.

I have land cruiser with 1kz engine sometimes don't change gears and stops pulling but engine while running and the ATF looks dark,what can be a problem? You can post now and register later.

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One Tough Hilux Surf

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It should be up to the level mark and a nice red colour, it is not worth looking for other problems until you eliminate the Oil so best changing it to start off with Kingo. Posted November 16, Posted January 20, Would you be interested in selling your surf?

Posted July 8, In ode to Lesliemy first vehicle, a 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner. For the countless hours i spent modifying it, fixing it up, and loving it, i have decided to share my favorite build EVER. Ervin, or as most know him on the forum: Blcktpgsr, is one of the most creative guys i never had the pleasure to meet. You can find a link to his build- no, his masterpiece, here.

Ervin bought his truck on August of withKm about 81, miles on it. His build thread began on June 17, At the time he purchased the 4Runner, he was not all that into trucks; he was more of a sports car and motorcycle guy. It was just by chance that his interest sparked in the truck direction, and we get to see the results here.

This is what it looked like in the very early days. Seems like he could not keep it clean for very long! The first few modifications to this 4Runner were like most others. A lift, some nicer tires, rims, and other little things here and there.

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In no time, he had figured that his rig was a keeper! After he had his suspension setup down, and other side projects like adding fender flares and wheel spacers the 4Runner got some new shoes. It is at this point is where most people call it a day and decide to stop doing much else to the vehicle.

Well, turns out Ervin is not one of those people, and he had other plans. Many other plans. Some of the armor you will find in this 4Runner is custom. For example, The skid plates.

You can find more information on those particulars in the linked build here. A list of the armor included in this build is below. The savage Offroad sliders apparently are not made the same style anymore. Bummer, i liked the older style better. Yes, your rig will be heavier.

hilux surf mods

But with so many rocks and dumb drivers on the road, it pays to have extra protection. Especially if it will make your rig look like this!

hilux surf mods

You can find specifics on the roll bar and accessories in this link. I guess a roof rack does not count as armor either. Once the main offroad items are covered; like your lift, tires, and maintenance, The next stage is to electrify the build. Lights, upgraded electrical systems, power outlets, crazy sound systems, these are just some of the common touches most enthusiasts include. First You will tend to see images like these during those processes. The scary, potentially fire starting fun.

With this many lights you will never be caught pants down on the dark. But you could potentially catch someone else! It turns out not everything is about looks.

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Sometimes you have to spend a little in the reliability component and functionality. You may have the coolest rig out there, but if its on jack stands more often than on rubber, you are doing it wrong.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Russia- Land-Cruiser.

hilux surf mods

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Toyota Hilux Accessories & Custom Parts

Thread starter erman Start date Feb 14, Joined Feb 6, Messages 3. A lot of people successfully turbocharge these engines, however I prefer to stay NA. I simply added a header and 2. With this and a good quality air filter, the engine will breathe a bit better. You should then be able to adjust the fueling on the pump to give a bit more power.Login or Sign Up. More interior mods! Posts Latest Activity. Page of 4. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next.

Bought a bag of daylight white LEDs for a fiver from eBay. Take one mirror console, remove old filament light holders. Make up a wee stripboard full of LEDs wire series parallel in order to accept 12V. Connect and fit little board in place of lamp holder, using your favorite glue!

Mine's hot melt glue Re-fit in car, and marvel at how your truck is now probably visible from space. Tags: None. Last edited by si tate ; 26th January Comment Post Cancel. Nice mod andy. Hummm, on closer inspection you seem to have a slightly different light to me but i don't think it would matter much. I've taken out the centre and rear roof lights ready for the same mod.

The rear one being very bright would be really handy. I have some good interior mods for you guys: I wrote some writeups on how to do any of this stuff if you guys are interested. Good mod andy, can i ask where you got your led's and what mcd they are?

Attached Files. Ian, they are 10,mcd, 3. I got them from eBay as I say, but can't get on there at the mo to give you the seller. I'll post it up later when eBay comes back! Originally posted by 97T4R View Post. Originally posted by Apache View Post. Andy, i did the centre light on mine with a replacement from halfraauds. So pleased with the result as i put my tools in the back i just bought another pack to do the rear one.

Just clips in instead of the bulb!!! Will post some pics asap Alan.

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