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Cotton and wool rags are recyclable, reusable and compostable, but when contaminated it gets tricky.

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By Sophia Bennett. How to Recycle Rags Cotton and wool rags are recyclable, reusable and compostable, but when contaminated it gets tricky. Like any good recycler, you turned your old towels and unwanted T-shirts into cleaning rags. But now you have a problem. You used those rags to clean up some motor oil, stain some furniture and wash your windows with some pretty heavy-duty cleaning spray. Is there a way to recycle them now that they have been exposed to toxic chemicals?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Unless you have a lot of rags that you used to clean up a lot of hazardous materials which is unlikely for the average apartment dweller or homeowneryou can wash them and use them again. Once those rags have outlived their usable life which should take a long time since they are, after all, rags you can see if anyone in your community accepts non-reusable textiles for recycling.

These programs are few and far between, but they do exist. What makes a good rag Not all rags are created equal. To get the most from your cleaning rag, you want a material that is absorbent and durable.

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Anything made of cotton — old towels, dish rags, cotton T-shirts, socks or flannel sheets — will make an excellent cleaning rag. Linen and wool are other natural materials that tend to make good cleaning rags. Avoid using fabrics that are primarily made with polyester, rayon or other synthetic materials.

The first step to recycling rags: Know your substances Whether you can clean and recycle your rags, or just throw them away, depends on what they were used for. There are some substances that are so dangerous that you will need to throw the rags away or take them to a hazardous waste facility for safe disposal if they are soaked through, including: Solvents like turpentine and lighter fluid Petroleum products like gasoline and antifreeze Anything flammable Pesticides Here is a basic rule of thumb: If you have to dispose of a substance through your local household hazardous waste facility, the rag should not be reused or recycled.

Do not load up your washing machine with rags covered with things like drain cleaner, oven cleaner or baking soda again, it is unlikely an individual will encounter this problem. How to clean rags If your home is connected to a city water system, you should be able to launder lightly soiled cleaning rags. Most municipal water systems are set up to filter out a small amount of contaminants like oil and chemicals.Note: If you have problems registering, contact This email address is being protected from spambots.

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Benchmark 1: Make contributions in class and group discussions. Benchmark 2: Ask and respond to questions.At the store we find it covering vegetables, meats and cheeses. The MRF is where items collected from residences, offices and more through public and private recycling programs are taken to be sorted, baled and sold.

Small plastics, roughly 3 inches or smaller, also can cause problems for recycling equipment. Bread bag clips, pill packaging, single-use condiment pouches — all of these small pieces get caught or fall between the belts and gears of the machinery at the MRF. They end up being treated as trash. Not recyclable curbside. Flexible packaging such as potato chip bags are made from layers of different types of plastic and often are lined with aluminum.

Not recyclable. These are the types of items the recycling system was developed to handle. As for the caps, some sorting facilities want people to keep them on while others say to take them off. It depends on what equipment the local materials recovery facility has. Bottles are subjected to high pressure in the sorting and baling process, which can force caps off at high speeds, potentially harming workers. However, other MRFs can capture and recycle the caps.

A bottle with a cap or an opening the same size or smaller than the base of the bottle is probably going to be recyclable. Bottles used for laundry detergent and personal care products such as shampoo and soap are all recyclable.

If nozzle heads on spray cleaners contain metal springs, remove them and discard them in the trash. Clamshells are made from the same type of plastic as beverage bottles, but not every curbside recycler can process them.

You might notice that clamshells, and many other plastic containers, come with a number inside a triangle of arrows. This 1 through 7 numbering system is called a resin identification code. It was developed in the late s as a way to help recyclers, not consumers, identify the type of resin a plastic is made from. They are often recyclable curbside, but not always. Check locally. These containers are usually marked with a 5 inside a triangle.

Tubs are often made with a mix of plastic types. Foam polystyrene, like that found in meat packaging or egg cartons, is made of mostly air.

We are extremely very good recyclers

A special machine is required to remove the air and condense the material into a patty or block for resale. Dozens of cities throughout the U. Plastic bags — like those used for bread, newspapers and as cereal box liners, as well as sandwich bags, dry cleaning bags and grocery bags — create similar problems for recycling machinery as thin plastic film. However, bags and wrappers, like those that come around paper towels, can be returned to the grocery store for recycling.

There are approximately 18, plastic bag drop-off bins at major grocery store chains, including Walmart and Target, around the country.

The How2Recycle label is showing up on more products at the grocery store.Steel cans are used to package everything from pet food to vegetables to soup and are one of the oldest forms of food packaging, dating back to the 14th century. Steel cans are often lined with tin and thus sometimes referred to as bi-metal cans to prevent rust and food contamination, but this has no effect on the recyclability of the product.

Find a drop-off location for steel cans near you using our Recycling Locator. Find Recycling Guides for Other Materials. Can I recycle steel cans in my curbside recycling program? Most cities will accept metal cans aluminum and steel in the curbside recycling program. What is the difference between aluminum cans and steel cans? While aluminum and steel cans are both made of metal, there are several distinct differences.

Steel cans are magnetic because of the presence of ironso you can tell if a can is steel by whether it sticks to a magnet. Aluminum is more often used to package beverages e. Aluminum cans will make more money than steel cans when recycled, but steel is used in a larger variety of products when recycled, including buildings and cars.

Can I recycle steel cans for money? Yes, steel cans are purchased by scrap metal recyclers. How are steel cans recycled? First, steel cans must be separated in a materials recovery facility from aluminum cans using magnets steel will attract, aluminum will not. The cans are crushed and baled, then sent to a metal recycler.

Next, cans are pressure-washed with a chemical to remove the tin outer and inner layers, then shredded into tiny pieces and melted in a furnace into flat sheets. This recycled steel can be manufactured into new cans or other steel materials like beams, automotive parts or appliances.

What about metal paint cans or aerosol cans? Steel cans that contained hazardous products such as paint have a different recycling commodity than steel food cans because they are not food grade.

Some recycling programs will specifically exclude paint cans as a result. Are there any states that require steel can recycling? We promise not to spam you. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thanks for subscribing!

Please check your email for further instructions.Plastic recycling refers to the process of recovering waste or scrap plastic and reprocessing the materials into functional and useful products. This activity is known as the plastic recycling process. This approach helps to conserve resources and diverts plastics from landfills or unintended destinations such as oceans. Plastics are durable, lightweight and inexpensive materials.

They can readily be molded into various products which find uses in a plethora of applications. Every year, more than million tons of plastics are manufactured across the globe. Around billion pounds of new plastic material is thermoformed, foamed, laminated and extruded into millions of packages and products. Consequently, the reuse, recovery and the recycling of plastics are extremely important. There are six common types of plastics. Following are some typical products you will find for each of plastic:.

PS Polystyrene — Example: foam hot drink cups, plastic cutlery, containers, and yogurt. PP Polypropylene — Example: lunch boxes, take-out food containers, ice cream containers. PVC Plasticised Polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl chloride —Example: cordial, juice or squeeze bottles.

PET Polyethylene terephthalate — Example: fruit juice and soft drink bottles. PS, PP, and LDPE typically are not recycled because these plastic materials get stuck in the sorting equipment in recycling facilities causing it to break or stop. Lids and bottle tops cannot be recycled as well. Some plastic types are not recycled because they are not economically feasible to do so. The simplest of plastic recycling processes involves collecting, sorting, shredding, washing, melting, and pelletizing.

The actual particular processes vary based on plastic resin or type of plastic product. Most plastic recycling facilities use the following two-step process:.

Step One: Sorting plastics automatically or with a manual sort to make sure all the contaminants are removed from the plastic waste stream. Step Two: Melting down plastics directly into a new shape or shredding into flakes then melting down before being finally processed into granulates. Ongoing innovations in recycling technologies have made the plastic recycling process easier and more cost-effective.

Such technologies include reliable detectors and sophisticated decision and recognition software that collectively enhance the productivity and accuracy of automatic sorting of plastics.

Another notable innovation in plastic recycling has been in finding higher value applications for recycled polymers in closed-loop recycling processes. Recently, some EU countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, and Austria have begun collecting rigid packaging such as pots, tubs, and trays as well as a limited amount of post-consumer flexible packaging.

Due to recent improvements in washing and sorting technologies, the recycling of non-bottle plastic packaging has become feasible. Plastic recycling faces many challenges, ranging from mixed plastics to hard-to-remove residues.

The cost-effective and efficient recycling of the mixed plastic stream is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the recycling industry. Experts believe that designing plastic packaging and other plastic products with recycling in mind can play a significant role in facing this challenge. The recovery and recycling of post-consumer flexible packaging is a recycling problem. Most material recovery facilities and local authorities do not actively collect it due to a lack of equipment that can efficiently and easily separate them.

Oceanic plastic pollution has become a recent flashpoint for public concern. Ocean plastic is expected to triple in the next decade, and public concern has prompted leading organizations around the world to take action towards better plastic resource management and pollution prevention. The recycling of plastic bottles has been made mandatory in several U.

Please follow the respective links to find the detailed of plastic recycling laws in each state.As financial times get a bit tougher, you might notice people coming up with unique ways to get cash. Thinking outside the box can sometimes be the best way to find a new way to make some money outside of a job.

But, if you know some tricks of the trade to really profit from this money-making opportunity, it can work well to earn some side income. One man in New York made it his own business for over 30 years collecting bottles and cans in the wee hours of the morning. Join Pinecone Research Now.

Some people who are serious about collecting cans obtain permission from their city to place a recycling bin in high-traffic areas where several cans will accumulate. For example, stadiums, parks, sports arenas, and conference areas may all be good places for a recycling bin for cans.

This will take some research on your end to find out the laws for your location and whether the venue will allow a bin. Another option is to go through local trash and recycling bins like the man in New York who built his business this way. No matter what way you choose to collect cans, make sure you have heavy duty gloves to keep yourself protected when sorting.

Even if you find cans lying on the ground, you can never be certain where they came from and who touched them. Cans that have been stepped on might also have cuts in them or ragged edges that can cut you when you pick them up. Just make sure that whatever vehicle you do use, you keep its seats or cargo area protected with towels or a blanket, just in case of any spills.

Believe it or not, there is a process you should know about before you start selling your cans to recycling centers.


Although most of the cans you collect will be common cans that hold soda or alcohol, you might come across food cans, like those that hold beans or sauce, or spray cans, like the type that hold shaving cream, air fresheners, or hairspray. Join Opinion Outpost Now. Most recycling centers will also require you to puncture the can using a special puncturing tool to relieve pressure from inside the can.

When you puncture cans, be sure to do it away from any open flame, since some of the contents can be extremely flammable. You can also see if the can has seams.

télécharger we are extremely very good recyclers di

Aluminum cans will not have seams, but those made from similar metals usually do. The money you make for recycling aluminum cans largely depends on where you live and how much time you invest in collecting them.

télécharger we are extremely very good recyclers di

Read More: Need More Cash? Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars for Money! Do you have plenty of recycling centers in your area willing to pay as close to the average price per pound as possible?

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If you live close to another state with a Bottle Bill, you may find that you can go to one of its recycling centers to turn in your cans. Earth is definitely one of the first websites you should try to find recycling centers near you. Earth also tells you if a center allows people from outside the area to drop off their recyclables. You can view the profile of each to find out more details, if available, and even send a message to the center to get a quote.

The app can use your location to automatically find centers near you that might take aluminum cans. Another recycling center finder website, this easy to use site finds centers and scrap yards near your zip code.

The Effects of Improper Waste Disposal

The machines let you turn in your cans and sometimes bottles in exchange for a receipt with a cash value. Check out Earth This agency is responsible for providing assistance about local businesses and resources in your area.

Call the company that picks up your trash to see if it, or another company, will pay for your cans.I wrote this in response to someone asking about other Stoic writings who, in the interim, deleted their response, so I'll post it as a stand-alone response: I'm an avid reader of Stoic philosophy, to the point I would say it's a central pillar of my life.

I would strongly advocate anyone interested in Stoicism not read these recent texts first, or, if I'm honest, really at all. I get that they're trying to making it approachable, but I feel that in an attempt to modernize the message they really lose most of it. One of the beautiful things about Stoicism is that the ancient philosophers were very mindful of speaking plainly, and their texts are extremely approachable.

Epictetus' Enchiridion is very easy to parse and is packed full of very practical knowledge.

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It is one hundred percent the place to start. These are very straight forward teachings in very direct language. Beyond that there's a whole canon of writing.

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The only extant writing from Stoic philosophers are from Epictetus and Seneca. There are fragments from Musonius Rufus, and a small handful from the very ancients like Chrysippus and Zeno.

There are writings about Stoicism by Marcus Aurelius, a very famous follower but not a teacher himself, and by Cicero, though he also wrote against the philosophy in other places.

Marcus Aurelius' writings are very approachable and often recommended. There are a few modern academic writings I would suggest to someone who has read the ancient sources, specifically the papers by A. If you absolutely must have a modern book about the school, I'll contradict my earlier statement and say that William B.

Irvine's A Guide to the Good Life is one exception. I love Stoicism and am happy to talk about it at length. Anyone who is interested can feel free to contact me about it, my email is in my profile.

Ad fontes! Hey I made that! Never would've thought it'd be shared here. Makes me very happy :.

télécharger we are extremely very good recyclers di

For ease, Walton or Dobbin. When I read, I tend to pick up Oldfather. I like On the Shortness of Life Key Excerpt: It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.

télécharger we are extremely very good recyclers di

Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested. So it is: we are not given a short life but we make it short, and we are not ill-supplied but wasteful of it… Life is long if you know how to use it. Lynolix on Feb 11, I've not, thought I'm somewhat familiar with Massimo through his other work.

Would you recommend it? As for why, I have the unfounded belief that Stoicism alone is too pacifistic thus is ill-equipped to handle malevolence at an interpersonal and societal level.

I would need to read and research to get some answers though. In the case of training a fighting force, doctrine of the enemy is often as beneficial to study. That does not mean stoicism is being promoted as the doctrine of either side, however. Obviously stoicism makes a useful tool for someone who must endure the incredible hardship of soul that special operations must endure, however it's important to note that it is equally useful for the enemy to be just as resilient.

I read it, it was interesting but if you are looking for actionable advice I'd go for the William Irvine book first.

How Much Money Do You Get for Recycling Aluminum Cans?

I just finished Marcus Aurelius. What would be a good next text? Definitely Epictetus' Enchiridion The Handbook. We fold the flag, present it to the next of kin, play taps, and provide an honorable exit for anybody who has served.

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